Since our inception, DET staff have been totally focused on building a accessible service to support some of the hardest to reach people to realise their potential and increase economic activity.


Delrose Earle

DET:  Inspiring and supporting Entrepreneurship through tailored training courses and initiatives.  Mobile venue hire and events via the bespoke DET Double Decker Bus. 


Delrose Earle is the founder and CEO of Delrose Earle Training (DET).


Delrose has transitioned from the private sector after recognising the need for more social firms, inspired and motivated by a desire to make a change.


Founded in 2011 Delrose Earle Training  is a dynamic, innovative, results-driven training provider based in London that has the customer experience at the heart of all that it does and which is committed to providing highly customised learning solutions for clients.


Our experience in delivering a range of programmes to diverse groups and achieving outstanding outcomes set us apart from many.


We have expertise and a proven track record of meeting and exceeding targets whilst supporting individuals in achieving sizemic shifts, improving them both personally and professionally with an aim to increase their economic wellbeing.  This we do through the delivery of accessible employability training and a variety of entrepreneurial approaches. 


Our values are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to excellence and consistently developing opportunities that deliver outstanding outcomes for our service users and return on investments for our commissioners. Our mission:


We are a people centred social firm providing routes to employment, education, professional development and personal empowerment.