We are a company that is concerned with improving the economic wellbeing of individuals and communities. 


Against a backdrop of declining unemployment there are pockets of high-level underemployment which has resulted in an increase in the number of children living in absolute poverty here in the UK.  There is an increasing number of people not in receipt of benefits but economically inactive with a desire to find work.

Delrose Earle Training has recognised a need for additional support for these individuals to gain access to jobs in order to have improved life chances.

We deliver our mission by developing intervention packages that are sold to organisations that procure our services.

Through these interventions we have ensured a decline in the number of economically inactive individuals and supported others to find better-paid work through upskilling, improved job search, CV writing and interview techniques and the building of participants' confidence and motivation.


We aim to develop bespoke services for our clients, delivered with inclusive and differentiated practice for our participants. 


Working in partnership we are able to offer many additional programmes, ensuring funds are efficiently used, minimising the risk of unnecessary duplication of activities though not restricting choice.

Each participant is supported to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Guided and motivated by the key performance indicators, outcomes are achieved and often exceeded.

Assessment, Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Research

  • Initial assessments

  • Formative assessments

  • Distance travelled/Criterion based assessment

  • Feedback and evaluation

  • Mid term and post programme

  • On going evidence collection

  • Qualitative evaluation

  • ROI criteria

  • KPI measurements

  • Customer progress and satisfaction

  • Effectiveness and suitability

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Annually

  • As specified or required

  • Includes measures; SROI and ROI